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To ensure that The FabworXbedZ range becomes the “quality benchmark” for the entire Rock & Roll Bed market, they have cemented their new testing process with VOSC who are now the official testing organisation.

FabworXUK have signed up to a rolling bi-annual testing update to ensure that any product enhancements / engineering does not impact on the ECE Regulation R14.07/ECE Directive 76/115/EEC as Amended by 2005/41EC Seat Belt Anchorage Test, or whatever legislation may follow post BREXIT.

The confidence of the FabworX Bedz M-Range is such, that not only have they been tested to the M1 Pull test regulation, but stressed at an additional 20% to create what we would like to call the FabworX Test, replicating its performance in a serious collision. Also to ensure that there can be NO question about validity they have taken the unprecedented approach of colour coding our separate test bed sizes giving our customers complete peace of mind in relation to the FabworX Test Process.

The NEW “M” range consists of :

M001 – Double 1100 wide, Automatic, 4- stage recliner.

M010 – Double 1100 wide Semi-Auto None-Recliner.

M012 – Triple 1300 wide , Automatic, 4- stage recliner.

M013 – Full Width 1500 wide, , Automatic, 4- stage recliner.

M016 – Single 625 wide, Semi-Auto None-Recliner.

The Entire “M” Range are now M1 Pull Tested and Certified dated February 2019.

FabworXUK have taken the initiative to invest substantial funds and time in their products and tests, as they were no longer prepared to rely on outdated Certification provided by a company no longer available to verify said tests.
Mr. Liam Mullen , Founder & Chief Engineer, said “ We will not compromise on passenger safety, and want to ensure, like an MOT, that product development does not mean poorer safety standards”
 All our “M Bedz” will come with a laminated copy of
 M1 Pull Tested by VOSC (Vehicle Occupant Safety Center, Wolverhampton Science Park)to ECE Regulation R14.07/ECE Directive 76/115/EEC as Amended by 2005/41EC Seat Belt Anchorage Test. 


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