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Double- M1 Tested-Hybrid – Rock&Roll Bed -Upholstered


Please See Details And Video’s Below:


Fully Upholstered M1 strength and quality tested double seat / sliding bed frame supplied with full test certificate and x4 under vehicle fitting plates.

Upholstery can be customised using the drop down menus.

Full seat inertia seat belt pack included and fitted.

This frame passed with the highest results during all test procedures

Electric actuator operating system via remote control, or manual override. This will allow unlimited recline positions when stationary for comfort .
Heavy duty runners that can hold 180kgs on the end when in bed position

Can make for left and right hand drive

Fabrication and assembly time ready for delivery or collection 14 days if stock levels are low.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Upholstery Type

Linear Air, Synergie Air, Carbon Air, Bentley Edition, Cube Edition, New Wave Edition, Gti, Samura, Tassimo, Transit Custom, Black Fabric, Grey Fabric, Anthracite Fabric

Outer Panel

Black, Grey, Tan, Red, Navy, Brown

Mondeo Panel

As Outer, White, Silver, Red, Lime Green, Lilac, Orange, Yellow

Center Section

Match Outer, Grey Gti, Red Gti, Lime Gti, Blue Gti, Yellow Gti, Red Bentley, White Bentley, Orange Bentley, Green Bentley, Navy Bentley, Silver Bentley, Synergy Air, Carbon Air, Samura, Tassimo, Transit Custom

Stitch Colour

Match Outer, Silver, Red, Navy, Orange, White, Lime, Lilac, Yellow


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