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Upholstery Section


Example of our Double Bentley Edition

What You Get

Our standard upholstery consists of:

4 cushion pieces

12mm plywood board

4″ Mid Density Foam

Trim of your choice

* please note that certain options ( listed on the FabworXShop/Accessories menu ) are optional extra’s.

Upholstery Sections Explained

FabworX Upholstery

Our Trim Options

New Wave

Carbon Air

Synergie Air

Linear Air

Gti Red, Grey & Blue

Double Bentley Stitch

Diamond Air Blue, Red & Purple

Elongated Hex Air Black

VW Samura

VW Brick

VW Grid

For IsoFabFix

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FabworX Upholstery

Our Vinyl Options

Vst-520 Black

Vst-510 Red

Vst-517 Brilliant Blue

Vst-501 White

Vst-504 Cookie

Vst-606 Orange

Vst-505 Yellow

Vst-514 Grey Steel

Vst-507 Green

Vst-515 Dark Steel